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Los Angeles Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys


Your insurance company has a duty to deal with you fairly and in good faith; however, too often, insurance companies unfairly and wrongfully deny or limit a claim, agreeing to pay only a portion. If you submit a legitimate claim to your insurance company and the claim is covered by the policy, the insurance company must pay it. In many cases, insurance companies try to delay for months and years before paying your claim. This is illegal.


If your insurance company refuses to pay you for a valid claim, you can sue the insurance company for any damages you may suffer, including punitive damages, which punish the insurance company for not paying.

In these situations, you need experienced lawyers with the dedication and skill to get you the most favorable results as quickly as possible. McMahan Law, PC is dedicated to advocating on behalf of our clients. We have the proven track record and resources to successfully litigate your claim.


If you are seeking an attorney to represent you against insurance companies who failed to provide the coverage specified in your policy, call today for our bad faith insurance attorneys.



You are involved in an automobile accident, and it was your fault. The other driver is seriously hurt. Under your policy, you are covered up to $300,000. The other driver offers to settle for your $300,000 policy limit, but your insurance company refuses to pay, despite the fact that you caused the accident. The case goes to trial and a jury awards the other driver $1,000,000.


You do not have an extra $700,000 lying around to pay for the difference between the jury award and your policy limit. Do not despair. If your insurance company receives an offer to settle for the limits of your policy and there is a good likelihood that a jury will find in the other driver’s favor, your insurance company must settle. If they do not, contact McMahan Law, PC right away.



If you are involved in an accident or some other incident subject to your policy, notify your insurance company immediately, even if you think the accident might have been your fault. If you do not report the incident within a reasonable time, you may be giving up your right to have your insurance company defend you or pay a judgment against you.



You have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company. If a lawsuit has been filed against you, and you do not cooperate with your insurance company, you may be letting your insurance off the hook for having to defend you or for having to pay off the other driver or party on your claim.


Contact our bad faith insurance lawyers in Los Angeles at for a free consultation if your insurance company is failing to pay or delaying a claim.
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