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Los Angeles Product Defect Lawyer


In this modern world, more and more products are being invented and sold to consumers every day. Unfortunately, this mass production has also led to mass injuries. Many injuries may be caused by user error or may be completely accidental; however, many injuries are the result of product defects. If these products had been made safer, they would not have caused the injury.

Many profit-driven manufacturers place products on the open market even though they are aware of safety concerns because it would cost more money to change the product than to settle with individuals who are harmed by the known defect. At McMahan & Carroll, PC, our Los Angeles product defect attorneys are ready to hold these manufacturers responsible for their part in your injuries. We can be your advocate in the pursuit of compensation.


Contact McMahan & Carroll, PC at (310)-479-8827 if you have been seriously injured or a loved one was killed by a defective product. You may be entitled to damages.



A manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of a product may be liable if a defect in the construction or design of its product causes injury. In addition, a product may be unsafe and you may be entitled to compensation if there was a failure to provide accurate instructions or adequate warnings.



Generally, there are three situations when dealing with defective products claims: (1) defects in the making of a product, referred to as a manufacturing defect; (2) defects in the product’s design; and (3) failure to give the consumer adequate instructions about how to properly assemble or use a product, or failure to give sufficient warnings of the product’s dangers.

Whether you are seeking an attorney because of defective medical devices or dangerous drugs, whether you need someone to investigate the nature of your auto defect claim, or whether you or a loved one suffered injury from another type of defective product, McMahan & Carroll has the resources and the experience you need to prevail against the people who have caused you harm.


The most important thing to do after being hurt by a product you believe to be defective—after you have received the proper medical attention, of course—is to preserve the product, if possible. If a television explodes and glass flies everywhere, pick up and save the pieces; if you are hurt by a lawnmower that went out of control, keep it; if a child drinks or ingests a dangerous chemical, hold onto the container.

Obviously, there are many situations when preserving or keeping a product just isn’t possible. Although the product that caused injuries is a very important piece of evidence, do not worry if you did not save the product or if it was destroyed in the accident that caused the injuries. Experts and specialists may be able to re-create what happened or reconstruct how a product was defective using similar products.

Call a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. This is true even in situations where you feel you may have been to blame, or it was your fault. Many injuries that seem to be caused by one thing turn out to be caused by a defective product.

If you have been seriously injured by a product, it is very important that you talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. At McMahan & Carroll, PC, we have access to first-rate investigators and experts in many fields who can help discover what may have caused your injuries. Together, we’ll build the strongest case possible for you to help you recover compensation from those responsible.


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